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    "If You're Offered a Seat on a Rocket Ship, You Don't Ask What Seat. You Just Get On."


    Software Engineer Monthly Salary Starts at NTD 100K

    Marketing Specialist Monthly Salary Starts at NTD 60K

  • About Us

    As one, we work to build something big!

    Our Mission

    We aim to become a world-class software company and make people's lives easier through the development of useful apps.

    Our Product

    MixerBox is a music app that allows users to easily combine different music platforms on one device.

    With MixerBox, aside from building personalized playlists, you can also share your playlists on social media and explore music collections of friends, for free!

    What We Have Achieved

    Since 2012, MixerBox has launched in over 60+ countries. It has already reached 100,000,000+ downloads and has been the #1 music app in 18 countries. Aside from MixerBox, we have also developed various apps in different fields.

  • Company Culture

    What MixerBox is all about.

  • Trust-Based Team

    A trust-based teamwork environment,

    where team members are given great opportunities and independence to become self-motivated and self-disciplined individuals.

    Embrace Ambiguity

    When assigned a mission with ambiguous details, this is your opportunity to define and shine!

    Done is Better Than Perfect

    80/20 rule: Focus on the 20% of things that yield 80% of the results, for maximum impact.

    Be Self-Motivated

    Proactively share your new ideas, findings, and process improvements.



    Be Mission-Oriented

    Do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission.

    Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

    Push yourself to exceed the limits of your very best dedication and performance.

    Have Fun at Work

    Enjoy what you're doing and take on challenges with a positive attitude!

    Dream Big and Make it Happen!

  • Meet Our Team

    Our team ​is made up of world-class talents in their respective fields of expertise.

  • Angela | Android Engineer

    Computer Science and Information Engineering, MS

    National Taiwan University

    在進入 MixerBox 以前我完全沒有 Android 開發的相關經驗,應徵這個職位時非常的忐忑不安深怕自己無法勝任這個工作,但是公司的前輩以及主管都非常包容及鼓勵,在前三個禮拜的訓練過程中只要有任何問題他們都會很迅速的幫我解答疑惑,讓我以最快的速度上手。


    三個禮拜後我已經可以獨立接手公司已上線的產品開發,在自我實力成長的同時也獲得了被信賴的成就感,非常感謝 MixerBox 願意給我這個完全沒有相關背景的人有學習的機會 :D

    Roy | iOS Engineer

    Computer Science and Information Engineering, MS

    National Taiwan University

    加入 Trainee Program 的話絕對不用擔心實作經驗,有各式各樣可以讓你實地操作開發的功能來磨練你的經驗值,甚至你的意見也有可能影響到整個產品的走向,讓人更覺得自己是重要的一份子。



    Iris | Marketing Specialist

    International Business, BA

    National Taiwan University

    如果你和我一樣,在尋找行銷工作時會考量這些因素,讓我用實際在 MixerBox 工作的經驗回答你:​

    • 跨國行銷的舞台:你有機會瞭解不同國家的用戶背景,發想行銷方案並做出有效的決策,你提出的創新點子,將直接對各國市場產生影響。
    • 個人成長空間:App 產業變動快速,公司未來規劃新產品上市,行銷部門有機會接觸到不同的產品、擁有極大的發揮空間,與公司一起成長!
    • 矽谷級的團隊:MixerBox 的同事很能接受創新的想法,並會陪你一起實踐!

    Winnie | Marketing Specialist

    Technology, Innovation, and Intellectual Property Management, MA

    National Chengchi University

    "Enter, to do the greatest work of your career!"


    • 神手級夥伴共事:每個人都有神等級的效率、邏輯、解決問題能力,跟他們一起工作能時刻鞭策自己,一定要變得更好、更強。
    • 充分授權的公司文化:不以生硬的教條規範大家,而是以信任制度讓大家自由發揮創意。
    • 有趣的工作內容:做自己能力適配且喜歡的事,每天上班都充滿期待!

    MixerBox 就是這樣一個充滿能量的新創公司,快來加入我們吧!

  • Benefits

    We offer only the best for the best.


    Make sure you are well-equipped before you start

    To make sure you have the best working environment, you may pick out your own laptop, computer monitor, and office chair.

    Employee Stock Option

    We grow as a team

    Your hard work will not go unrewarded. The company's growth is your growth as well.

    Educational Benefits

    Never too late to learn

    You're not limited to just your job, our company supports you to branch out and explore new knowledge.

    Snacks and Drinks

    Food for Thought

    Delicious refreshments available at your convenience.

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