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    "If You're Offered a Seat on a Rocket Ship, You Don't Ask What Seat. You Just Get On."

    - Sheryl Sandberg


    Software Engineer Monthly Salary Starts at NTD 100K

    Marketing Specialist Monthly Salary Starts at NTD 60K

  • About Us

    As one, we work to build something big!

    Our Mission

    We aim to become a world-class software company and make people's lives easier through the development of useful apps.

    Our Product

    MixerBox is a music app that allows users to easily combine different music platforms on one device.

    With MixerBox, aside from building personalized playlists, you can also share your playlists on social media and explore music collections of friends, for free!

    We have also developed various apps in different fields, including entertainment, games, and lifestyle categories.

    What We Have Achieved

    Since 2012, MixerBox has launched in over 170+ countries/regions. It has already reached 200,000,000+ downloads and has been the #1 music app in 30+ countries/regions.

  • Company Culture

    What MixerBox is all about.

  • Trust-Based Team

    A trust-based teamwork environment,

    where team members are given great opportunities and independence to become self-motivated and self-disciplined individuals.

    Be Self-Motivated

    Proactively share your new ideas, findings, and process improvements.



    Be Mission-Oriented

    Do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission.

    Embrace Ambiguity

    When assigned a mission with ambiguous details, this is your opportunity to define and shine!

    Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

    Push yourself to exceed the limits of your very best dedication and performance.

    Done is Better Than Perfect

    80/20 rule: Focus on the 20% of things that yield 80% of the results, for maximum impact.

    Have Fun at Work

    Enjoy what you're doing and take on challenges with a positive attitude!

    Dream Big and Make it Happen!

  • Benefits

    We offer only the best for the best.


    Make sure you are well-equipped before you start

    To make sure you have the best working environment, you may pick out your own laptop, computer monitor, and office chair.

    Employee Stock Option

    We grow as a team

    Your hard work will not go unrewarded. The company's growth is your growth as well.

    Educational Benefits

    Never too late to learn

    You're not limited to just your job, our company supports you to branch out and explore new knowledge.

    Flexible Vacation Policy

    Free to communicate your time-off plan

    Empower you with an ownership mentality and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

    Snacks and Drinks

    Food for Thought

    Delicious refreshments available at your convenience, including snacks, drinks, coffee, and lunch, for free!

  • Meet Our Team

    See What Our Team Members Have To Say About MixerBox.

  • Angela / Android Engineer

    Computer Science and Information Engineering, MS, National Taiwan University

    When I first joined MixerBox, I had no experience in Android development. I was uncertain whether or not I could succeed in this position, but my experienced coworkers and team leads were both very patient and supportive of me. During the first 3 weeks of training, anytime I encountered an issue, my coworkers would help clear up the confusion and brought me up to speed on things. 3 weeks later, I was already working independently on products that were active on the market. I gained confidence and a great sense of accomplishment.

    Winnie / Marketing Specialist

    Technology, Innovation, and Intellectual Property Management, MA, National Chengchi University

    • Super Amazing Co-workers: Every single one of my colleagues is super diligent, insightful, and amazing at problem-solving. Working with them makes me want to strive to become a better and stronger individual.
    • An Open and Flexible Company: We don’t have strict corporate rules. Instead, we look to trust one another and have the freedom to be creative.
    • Fun and Interesting Work: Being able to do the work you enjoy and to the best of your abilities makes coming into work even more exciting!

    MixerBox is a creative and invigorating startup that’s definitely worth joining!

    Roy / iOS Engineer

    Computer Science and Information Engineering, MS, National Taiwan University

    MixerBox doesn’t make me feel like just another employee.

    After joining the Trainee Program here, if you run into any problems or need any assistance, the entire team will be there to support you. Compared to learning by yourself at home, this is a much more effective learning experience.

    Even more importantly, don’t worry about the previous experience when you join the Trainee Program. You will be gaining all sorts of experience as you train and at times, your opinions can even change the entire course of a product. The company definitely makes you feel important and that you are part of the team.

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